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Behavioral Design Pattern

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In my last blog there was a high level description of the design patterns. Now, we will discussed the types of design patterns in detail.
Design patterns are divided into three fundamental groups:
Creational, and

In this blog I will mention about Behavioral design patterns in detail.

Behavioral patterns describe interactions between objects.
They focus on how objects communicate with each other. They can reduce complex flow charts to mere interconnections between objects of various classes. Behavioral patterns are also used to make the algorithm that a class uses simply another parameter that is adjustable at runtime.
Behavioral patterns are concerned with algorithms and the assignment of responsibilities between objects. Behavioral patterns describe not just patterns of objects or classes but also the patterns of communication between them.
These patterns characterize complex control flow that is difficult to follow at run-time. They shift your focus away from the flow of control to let you concentrate just on the way objects are interconnected. Behavioral class patterns use inheritance to distribute behavior between classes.

Although there are several Behavirol Design Patters,  there are few patterns which used more often and there are :

Chain of responsibility
Template method

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